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Undyed Wool

Bio-Degradable Hemp and Wool Carpet
Completely Natural - No Dyes!

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This is a carpet unlike any other produced in North America. First of all it is COMPLETELY biodegradable. Obviously, this is achieved through the use of only 100% natural raw materials. The Bio-Floor line is made with a face fiber of 100% natural wool.

There are no moth proofing or stain protections applied. In conjunction with this we use only naturally pigmented wool fibers for coloration as opposed to any of the dyes and chemical bonding agents other carpet manufacturer’s use. To further differentiate this carpet we use a natural primary of hemp and cotton. This is used instead of the traditional synthetic polypropylene primary. The primary is the material that the tufting machine places the wool yarn into and acts to hold it in place.

The next process is the application of adhesive and secondary backing material. This further helps to lock the stitches in place and prevents slippage of the yarn. This is another area where we apply our unique techniques. The adhesive that Earth Weave uses is 100% natural and bio-degradable. It is made of natural rubber from the rubber tree. The secondary (back of carpet) is made from jute, a hardy earth friendly fiber producing plant.

All of these elements add up to make a product that is beautiful to look at yet sacrifices nothing in the way of our commitment to indoor air quality and the environment.

Available as Broadloom or Area rugs.

Here are links to undyed carpet mills:

Manufacturers that may have undyed products in their line includes Antrim, Couristan, Hagamen, Hibernia, Masland and Unique Carpets.